About Our Company
Art Glass Chicago, Inc. offers high-quality art forms, enticing designs, and attentive customer service to our existing and new clients. Our company has knowledgeable, imaginative artisans who can address your needs with creations that will beautify your environment, using decorative glass and other distinctive products.

Whether you desire privacy, want to obscure a view, or would like beautiful protection in frequently used areas; if you need to reduce glare and heat, and create an outstanding focal point; our many art forms and styles available allow attractive solutions and choices for your home and business, church or synagogue.

Art Glass Chicago artists and staff design and work in glass, wood and other fine materials, averaging over 15 years on-the-job experience in their fields of expertise. They are innovative and degreed in art history & design, including illustration, graphic design, ethnic and all historic decorative styles. They are talented and skilled in artistic glass fabrication, woodworking, custom door & window construction, and installation. We are delighted to assist you in realizing your dreams!
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